barbara nicolai photography

pour faire le portrait d'un oiseau

These photographies were made to illustrate a poem by Prevert called "Pour faire le portrait d'un oiseau".
You may find it in the internet.

Prevert was, I am sure, referring to some event in his life by this poem. I do not know, what happened, so I can only offer my interpretations - I see two.

The first one - someone got a talent and another person is preparing the stage for him, no matter how long it may take for that talent to develop, just keeps quietly waiting and supporting, as he is sure, something fine is to arrive. In the end, when the supported one metamorphosed into his new and successful personality, the supporter appears and signs with his - or her - name - Happy end!

The second one is a little bit more far-fetched. A little bird with a wonderful voice got trapped in a sort of golden cage. It's secret life may be less golden. So it quietly stops singing. But perhaps it comes back to his - or her - senses. I would wish the bird to restart composing and texting and doing, what it is really made for: singing!
And then, when it is publishing his - or her - new CD, I would sign it blindly - Happy end: We could make a video together!

Send me your interpretations. There is just one condition: It must have a Happy end!

Yo can find my mail-address in the info-category. I am looking forward to it.

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