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I am a boring photographer - I make images and then go home to process them, that is about it. Years ago I changed my kitchen into a darkroom, today I go to Lightroom and act like I did before, but with a much more powerful - and more expensive! - equipment.

When the first friend asked me: When will you restart making those beautiful pictures you made before, I realized that I had changed style - and I shall not go back,at least not for now. I do not have any documentary or social ambition in photography anymore. I am no longer interested in photographies that to me, seem crisp, clear and smooth, but not expressive.
Concerning photography friends and foes are all the same to me. I feel free to experiment and do not pay attention to any critics, it is an uncontrolled and unrestrained possibility of expression to me. I would rather give in on photography than bow to the opinion of critics when it comes to my photos.
When I visited an exhibition in Paris I landed by chance in the office of a curator, who provided me with a remarkable experience. But I shall pardon her, because it was just in the books of her library that I found a very interesting article by a modern photographer, who just dicussed this topic. His thesis was in essence: Nowadays photography defeated itself by concentrating on its seducing technical possibilities - more and more forgetting about its expressive possibilities. Unfortunately I forgot the name of the author, but I would wholeheartedly agree to that.
This is not a critique of camera-machines with 36mps sensors and software like Photoshop. Those things have a place in PR, advertisment and film. But in essential they are just creating a virtual, artificial and sometimes very sterile image of reality. I try to avoid it - though I must admit I would like to try a camera like that with special lenses.

Nowadays fine art photographers seem to make photographies looking like paintings, and painters seem to be inspired by photographers and paint like photographers are making photographies. I do not mind that. History showed, fields of art like painting, sculpture, music are influencing each other and changing together through the times.

For me the finished work counts. It must leave an unprecise space to „talk“ to the viewer and provide him with associations, ideas, dreams and memories. I hope some of my photographies and videos can live up to that. A good title may give a hint, but it is just that. The interpretation is done first by the attentive viewer and then by those living on criticism, who, as far as I can see, do not appreciate what THEY see in my images.

Then, see above: "Concerning photography..."

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